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Getting images from camera to ACR

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Ok so I am an absolute newbie. Just bought my new camera and am not sure how to get the images from it to ACR. Is this gone over anywhere on this site? Just need to know if this is covered here or could you suggest another resource that goes over this please?

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Thanks for these. Now I suppose my next question, which is a doozy, is how to file, name, catalog, etc. Is this part of your classes or do I need to look elsewhere and if so some suggestions would be fantastic. I know you/Damian really do not like Lightroom and I have no idea how it works as well, but could/should I use it just as an image organiser? Appreciate your thoughts. I will be taking all your classes but desperately want to learn how to do this the best way from the very start.

Cheers Micki

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I urge you not to rename files.  It gets too confusing, too fast.  Just name the folders that they're in.  As long as you can search for the folder (eg "Christmas 2016") you'll always be able to find your files.

Don't overthink this.  Just start using Bridge, it'll become second nature before you know it.

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