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She is complaining about half of the prints for one reason or another. Color, sharpness, wanting backgrounds darker. She did provide the prints. Since the photos were taken I have re-calibrated my monitor and I think many of the photos need to be lightened a bit. But now I realize I'm having some color issues... I'm having consistency issues too. These all seem to be new problems. I do agree with her that I need to make some fixes on the color of some of the photos after looking at the prints, but others I'm at a loss as to why she wants a color change. I am going to look at your color space link tonight. Hopefully that helps. THANKS! 

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I use either mpix.com or nationsphotolab.com 
I ordered the same prints that she ordered using mpix and the look identical. I believe she used mpix also. 
I followed the steps for color space issues above. I was in Adobe sRGB and have never used soft proofing. 

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