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Auto Blending Focus Stacked Images

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HI there Damien!

I'm blending 7 focus stacked macro images in the usual manner (i.e. stack up as layers; Auto-Align Layers; Auto-Blend Layers).

This method works with the simpler images with obvious shapes however there seem to be many areas that are out of focus; i.e. it has selected an area from the wrong layer. 

I have also attempted to Auto-Blend just two layers at a time, so that it has less work to do; then blend the merged layers. However it's no good, there are still areas that are out of focus.

Have you got any ideas or suggestions on how to achieve a smooth finish using the Auto-Blend function?

PS I have 10 images with multiple layers to do process and I might actually cry if you suggest a manual edit.


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I’ve encountered this problem myself when I start to stack more than 5-6 images. I’ve talked to a few macro photographers they’ve all said that Helicon Focus does a much better job than PS for focus stacking (apparently 40-50 images is no trouble). I’ve not tried the software myself however.

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What i do after auto aligning all your layers, select them all again(if not already selected) and duplicate them, so now you have 14 layers, The bottom 7 will be your back up layers , you can turn the eyes off to the bottom 7... So now you select your top 7 layers and do the auto stacking/blending..... After it has completed it's auto stacking  i create a new merge visible.. Zoom in and check for any soft spots.... If I have any soft spots I go to my back up layers and find the one that's in focus in that spot(you will have to turn all the layers off above it to view it).....Once I find the layer I move it to the top and once again turn my merge visible layer back on.... Now you have to put a Black mask on the top layer and then paint in where the soft spot is in the image and your done............ If there's more soft spots in different areas repeat with the corresponding Back up layer....Cheers Ivan

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