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I will be doing a lot of traveling (or just away from my desktop in general) this year and next and realized that I need to invest in a laptop so I don't become buried in work. 

I have read threads on here and narrowed my search to an Asus ROG:


My only concern is the display - I feel like the 4k ones are what I should be looking at, but are not in my budget.

Poppycock - this one is great or yes, start over and look for 4k?

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I have an older version of this laptop.  Quite old now, actually, and still going strong.  It's excellent, and I'll be getting another one when the time comes, for sure.

4K is poppycock to me, personally.  Pixels are my profession, so I like being able to see them.  It's hard to work on something that's too small to see.  However, that's just me, I realise it's not a broadly-held view.

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Here is the thing with 4K screens: The PHYSICAL AREA REMAINS THE SAME. It's either 14" - 17.2" - 15.1" whatever. All the manufacturers have done is cram more pixels into the same physical area. Things are TINY on a 4K display. Then you have to zoom in to make things look "Normal." Know what happens when you zoom in? Things look crappy, especially your photos.

I completely agree with Damien: 4K is Poppycock. 5K is complete Bullfeathers. Unfortunately, marketing has taken over and this type of tech is here to stay. 

Case in point, I have a customer, who is a pediatrican's office. Two of the Doctors got new laptops with fancy 4K screens. Since their Medical Software isn't 4K ready, you have to lower the resolution in order for them to see the TINY icons, LOL!!

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