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which Wacom is the best & up to date for 2017?

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Hi, I saw Damien's wacom advice was last updated in 2015, can anyone tell me which is the best I should be looking at now it's 2017? I really want to buy the right one and can't afford to get it wrong (£££)

following the thirds rule - my screen is an LG widescreen 29" (much wider than tall)

do I need any accessories with it to get the most out of it?

I'd really appreciate any advice from members so I don't make a mistake and regret it, I know Damien still uses his ancient one and probably doesn't have up to date advice, thank you

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is that so only the pen can activate the tablet and I can't accidentally do things with my hand? 

That one is a lot cheaper than I was thinking I'd have to pay which is good new, some of the medium tablets are £400+

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