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frequency separation


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I am in the middle of doing a frequency separation for a bride's face. I've completed the frequency separation by setting the blending mode of the texture layer to linear light. When I go to the next step of adding a gaussian blur to a selection on my texture layer, and I expect it to leave the skin texture yet remove the blotchiness, it's not happening. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

damien swj_5214.jpg

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Oh gee.  You haven't even removed the noise!

Go back raw.


What you need to understand is that Frequency Separation is a wildly over-rated, stupid, unnecessary technique.  It's largely promoted and favoured by people who don't know how to edit. The latest "fad diet" of the editing world, as it were.

Once you've re-processed the raw file, show me the 100% crop again.

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It's darker, I edited it again starting with the original. I wanted to try your dust and scratches for skin and eye bag solution. I may bring exposure back up. Obviously I have a learning curve! lol

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