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washed out vinyl backdrop


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this is SOOR.  I am still learning lighting and I didn't feather the light enough on this backdrop and have washed out the center of it with a glare.  Whats the best method to fix it and should I fix it before or after I  do levels work?


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There are probably half a dozen ways we could approach this, but let's keep it simple.  I suggest adding a Hue/Saturation layer and putting it on "Multiply" blend mode.  Then patiently mask it on to the area, until it's pretty good.

I did that, but found that I was a bit fussy, and it wasn't quite as nice as I wanted.  So I turned on the "Colorize" checkbox in the Hue/Sat dialog, then fiddled with the three sliders until I was happier with the result.  I ended up with:

  • Hue 19
  • Saturation 20
  • Lightness -9


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