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Moire' on man's shirt


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Hello Damien,

Here we are again with moire, which appears across many photos in the gallery. 
100% crop - image is SOOR.

Can you help please?

Moire man's shirt .jpg

The dark patch is baby dribble, also present in a few images.

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Thank you.

That has done the trick. The only issue now is the colour of blue changes to more of a grey on the mans arm and collar.
Is there an 'easy fix' or will i need to replicate the process using a new colour layer and try to blend together with masks?


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Thank you.

So what I suggest is this:  Duplicated the Background layer, then apply some Gaussian Blur to the whole photo.  Just enough to get rid of the moire.  I think about 8px should do it for this photo.

Then change the layer's blend mode to "Color". Then add a mask to hide the blurred layer completely.  Then paint to reveal on just the shirt where needed.

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In an attempt at the next step I replicated your process and increased the gaussian blur slider until the chunky moire disappeared and masked on. It seems to have worked but has slightly changed the colour of the shirt in some areas. 

Obviously I'm jumping the gun here but thought I'd have a crack! 



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