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change the colors


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I need to change a few things about this picture.

1) I would like to make the ping pong balls of many different colors (1 single color each).

I have tried adding a solid layer to one of them and then set the mode to overlay and others but the results were not nice.

(Should I post this kind of questions in layers and mask/levels class or here?)



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Pink, peach, yellow.. I was thinking a few colors (but not 2 colors for one single ball). My problem is that, If I want to keep the shape/volume, the applied colors don't look as solid as the original ones. They get a metallic feel.

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This is just something I wanted to try. If it is complicated or the results won't be ideal, I will just pass.
In the attachment, I adjusted the levels on the original balls and soften their shadows applying a solid layer. Please tell me if it's decent edit.
What is left, if I don't change the colors of the balls, is the hair on her face (next the her ear). Is there a tutorial you can direct me to?


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Ok, we could get extremely technical about this, but let's try the easy way first.

Add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer, click "Monochrome", and enter 0/+100/0.  Then begin carefully masking to every ball.

Then, you can roughly draw a marquee selection around a ball, add a Solid Color layer of a colour you desire, and change its blend mode to "Multiply", then Cmd Opt G to clip it to the Channel Mixer layer.  If there are any other balls you want of that colour, roughly paint on the mask over those balls too.  Then make a new layer for the next colour, and so on.

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