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Another gradient backdrop replacement question

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I have been trying to successfully execute the background/seamless backdrop replacement technique with the radial gradients and have been failing miserably. For the life of me, I cannot adjust the colors or placement so they blend well. I am wasting a lot of time and realize that it shouldn't be this difficult if done properly.

I was wondering if anyone (Damien preferably) has made an actual video detailing the steps and showing them in real time. The psd files don't show how the gradients were made to blend together so seamlessly. 

I know Damien might be sick of explaining it to people, so if he isn't interested in making a video, I would love to see someone do one for those of us that are still struggling with the process. 

Thanks so much.

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16 minutes ago, oedipamaas said:

How did you hide the layer mask (at 7:40 in the video) before you got the white brush to paint the layer back on? (I know there is probably a shortcut, but I can't find it.) :)




He inverted the mask. :)  Ctrl+i (or cmd+i on a Mac) in most versions of PS.

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Ohh, so sorry, you're right.  He filled the mask with black.

Make sure your color swatches are set to black and white (hit D to default them if they're not already there), and then while on the mask, hit alt+backspace (opt+backspace on Mac) to fill the mask with the foreground color, or ctrl+backspace (cmd+backspace) to fill with the background color.

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