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Light Spill


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I shot headshots for over 50 students at my daughter's school, and I did not notice until I uploaded the images that several of the subjects had background light spill on their left jawline.  This did not affect any of the girls because their longer hair blocked the spill, but every boy I shot has this problem.  And because I was going for a bright white background, the edge of their jaw is now pretty much blown out.  Can this be fixed?  This is SOOR with a few blemishes cleared with the patch tool.  


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"Technically", there is not supposed to be spill on the subject from the background.  I do like a little on the hair or the shoulders for accent/definition, but I worry it's distracting on the jawline just because it's pretty much blown right there.  But honestly, if you don't think it looks bad, then I'm going to leave it!

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