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Should I calibrate a new MAC right away?

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Hello, I have searched through the forums with no luck.  I recently did the switch from a Windows to a MAC, this is a whole new world for me, but I am wondering should I use my calibrator tool and calibrate it right away?  The color and monitor look fabulous from what I'm used to. :) but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and calibrate it or just leave it alone.  Also if you have any other tips for computer switchers, i would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much.

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Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: People usually say something like, and I'm having a little fun with this:

"Like OMG!! A Mac is #totes #amazeballz out of the box, AND you don't need to calibrate!! Like Ev-ah!! Why waste the money on a calibrator?!?!! It's a Mac, duh!"

A Mac runs on the cool side, meaning it's great for watching movies, reading e-mail, wasting time on Facebook, etc. etc. Everything but editing photos out of the box. When I bought my iMac, it was pretty good out of the box and my prints matched pretty well. So I thought (this was Pre-Damien) I wouldn't need one, even though I was told my editing was too "nuclear" color-wise and warm by more than one person. I finally broke down and bought a calibrator. Not only did it warm up my screen to a realistic level, my dynamic range was SO much better. I could finally see all the little gradients in those boxes that you see on websites when you want to check how well your screen performs. I could see the 16 or 32 different blocks, from complete dark to white.

In addition, people see colors differently. Your version of _________ (insert color) will look different to my eyes and vice-versa. Only by using an impartial device like a calibration tool that says, "This is "Yellow." This is "Blue." This is "Red," etc. It's almost like a breathalyzer test. You might not think you are too drunk to drive,  but your friends are asking for the keys. You think you are "fine." Who is right? Well, that Breathalyzer Machine gives you a impartial reading of 0.09, which is against the law in the states. 

So yes, you do need to calibrate, monthly if you want accurate and consistent colors OR if you are charging people good money for photography.

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Now, I'm sure there are some members here that would like to disagree with me and say their Macs are "fine," they never needed to calibrate, and their prints are just peachy.

My response: Screens change over time and monitor profiles can get corrupted. So yes, you need to calibrate. Period. It's like tuning a musical instrument.

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