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  1. 29 minutes ago, pattyfhorne said:

    Also, the photos look really "touched up" on the faces when I remove noise until I can't see it.  Is there a way to dial that back without having noise?

    Please let's discuss this in class, on a photo-by-photo basis.

  2. 28 minutes ago, pattyfhorne said:

    I have two questions for you.  I bought a calibrator.  No wonder you told me so many of my photos were dark.  My monitor was at over 560 and I had to lower it to 120 "ish".

    No, 120 is too bright.  Please follow my exact calibration directions here.

  3. First, add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer.  Go to "Output Channel: Blue" and change the numbers from 0, 0, +100, 0 to 0, +100, 0, -7.  (Make sure you get the order exactly right).  Then mask to the area inside the glasses.

    Then add a new blank layer above that.  Choose your Clone Tool and make sure it's set to "Sample: Current & Below" in the Options Bar.  Carefully clone over the remaining problem areas.


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