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Baby H Open Eye


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This method involves liquifying the lids up and down respectively to meet each other.

First, duplicate the Background layer:


Then go into Liquify and push the bottom lid up about halfway.  Of course this will push the top lid etc up as well, but that doesn't matter.    Make sure you use a fairly big liquify brush - at least as big as the whole eyeball:


Once you press OK to return to Photoshop, add a mask to the layer and carefully mask it to just the lower lid and the eye bag area below it:


Then return to the Background layer and duplicate it again, and drag it to the top:


Liquify again, and push the top lid down a bit.  Yes, it will move the whole eye as well, but that doesn't matter.  Remember, use a fairly big brush:


Return to the layer, and mask it:


End result:


That process was quite quick to describe, and in fact it was fairly quick for me to do, since I've had a bit of experience at it.  But allow enough time, and be prepared to have your patience tested.  You might need to start over a few times, until you get the liquifying just right.

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