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Smooth a wall


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here's a 700x700

I have a plaster wall that has gone wobbly as time passed. There are places where it's not smooth, and I see grooves like this. How would I fix it? Because it's not a simple gradient.


I've tried the patch tool, sometimes it works.


Sometimes the edges of the patching gets a halo, and I duno why.


Sometimes maybe from the noise, I get posterisation of the area I patched.


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This is the wall, a four way cyc

The light stripe you see in the top left is actually from a fold in the plaster

The around corners have the biggest problems with random scratches and stuff

I also very find it very hard to edit this wall because it's hard to see all the issues after staring at grey for a while. I have to come back to it several times over several days


Because it's a small space I can't have people far enough away from the back to hide the issues


Edited by meris
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Sometimes these waves come if I edit then see another issue and edit again.

Sometimes the halo appears and I keep patching the edges of it and see if it goes before I reach the subjects.






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There's no after because I'm not happy with anything other than full replacement of bg where it's a half body


All the parts in the last post are from attempts to change it which didn't work because of the artefacts you can see

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Using the dither  option  on the gradient, how do I combine that with the noise layer? Should I use both or just one or the other? Because I will apply the noise layer to parts that I do not change

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The edit is good, and faster than patching.

I'm just wondering about how to fix my wall. No point having a cyc if you have to edit each one.

Of course I"ll get it smoothed, but is there a min. radius to avoid reflections?

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