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Chromatic aberration


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This is SOOR after trying chromatic aberration removal in RAW which did nothing.  Having just read the CM it doesn't appear that will work since if I am reading correctly this is the fuzzy glowy kind around white areas but I thought it worth asking.  The only place the picture has it is around the hair on each side of the photo .  I tried cloning but with the hair looked horrible.  I am so hoping you a magic fix for this one!  I haven't done any levels work yet. 

100 crop-IMG_7876.JPG


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I'm trying.  They don't want to post.

Not positive what you want.  Here are 2.  One showing the finished and one showing the layer only. This will be a 16x20. If you want the file itself let me know.5934bf4940813_ScreenShot2017-06-04at9_14_42PM.thumb.png.6951e3d902b577b7e344c284c43f7a93.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.13.40 PM.png

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The problem was mental and to big of a brush.  I started over and figured out where I could paint (clone) which direction.  For the most part it's ok now.  Thanks!

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