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Vintage look

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I am looking to make these car photos feel more vintage.... I love the work of this photographer.




2N6A3792 copy.jpg

2N6A3826 copy.jpg

2N6A3937 copy.jpg

Is that posted okay?  I posted a link and it put her picture like that.  If I need to change it let me know.


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That has potential... maybe not as dark but I like the tone change.... Hers still has a lighter feel to it but this is def a good start.

Is there a way to "cheer" it up a bit maybe? 

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A lighter feel??  Are we looking at the same photo?

Anyway, it's no problem to lighten it, of course.


I don't know what you mean about cheering it up, sorry.  Maybe less of the sepia undertone, and more of the original colour coming through?


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I know this is an old topic, but I was just curious, for my own learning purposes... Could you have maybe masked the car and made it a tad lighter then raised the saturation on it, and then another on all the red things (bowtie, suspender, wall) and done the same thing and THEN applied the process Damien provided?

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