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Completely blacken the background


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Hi Damien,

I completely failed in my attempt to have a (near as) completely black background..  I've tried making selections and masking out a few times but I just can't seem to get the look I'm after.. 

I'd like the image of my daughter to be in black and white with the lightened parts of her face and body silhouetted against a completely black background..  Any ideas on how I would achieve this?

Attached is the unedited jpg. I can't upload the RAW as it's too large..

Thanks in advance.. 




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Great!  So simply add a Levels layer (or Curves would work too) and choose the black eyedropper from the Levels/Curves panel, and click just above her fringe (or "bangs" depending where you come from).

Then add a black Solid Color layer and mask it on.

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