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I officially HATE beach photos.

Lori G

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Hi D!
It's me again.
If I don't figure out how to get these sea oats out of this shot, I'm going to go insane.  I've got them growing out of the one lady's head, and the other guy's EAR.
I've tried cloning.  I've tried adding a sky and masking.  I've tried copy>pasting that palm tree in the left corner......you name it.  I was awake until 5am messing with this damn thing until I was ready to cry.
Help me, Obi Wan....you're my only hope.


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But..... I did process it.
WB was corrected, and it didn't need much according to my end.  And, it was noisy, so I ran as much NR as I dared in raw.  Any more NR and they looked plastic.
I only raised the exposure just a tiny bit because of the noise factor.  I didn't want to make it worse than it was. 

What am I missing?


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Sorry for the cruddy cell snap of the screen.  I couldn't get the screenshot of my raw screen to show where my WB was correct.  Every time I moved the cursor to click the screen cap, it changed.  So, I improvised.

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Hahahaa!!!   I'm not partaking!  I swear!

I must've forgotten something from the class then.  Because I *swear* I thought I was doing it right.  I let my raw class place expire so someone else could have my spot.  Looks like I need a review.  Or a kick in the backside.  Or something.

If all the numbers at the top are reading equal, in that case 247 across the three channels, then it's balanced.  Right?  And 247 isn't down that much from 255, so it's not blown.
What am I forgetting????

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