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Native White Point

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Hi!  I've been using SpyderPro4 for a few years.  My computer did an update to windows 10 and I immediately tried a re-calibrate.

First prob I ran into was it wasn't offering the pause to adjust brightness during calibration.  So, I uninstalled and reinstalled my software.

I then followed your resource for calibration.  http://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_S4P_pc.html

It took a few times but I was able to adjust the brightness to 90 and that looks 'good'!  However, I followed your directions for going through the Kelvin process and

setting a 'Native' white-point and my monitor appears MUCH bluer than I'm use too. I also selected normal gamut and White LED, instead of unknown.  I uploaded a test file  (see attached) in PS that I keep as a 18x12 print on hand for comparison.  It appears  okay but I'm still in shock over the blues I'm seeing.  Could I have been that way off before??  Thanks! 


12x18 test-001.jpg

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11 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

How many other prints do you have with you?

Hi, I pulled up 7 more images that I have prints for.  A variety of blues/warms and tones.  My monitor seems a touch bluer and slightly more magenta. 

Can I have botched setting the 'native' white point or maybe even going from unknowns to normal gamut and white LED settings have changed it. 


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