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Middle finger


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Hey there,

I has hoping I could get help trying to fix this image. First of all, I know the image sucks, really bad. I am helping my school with their yearbook. It is nothing crazy; it's very inexpensive and informal. Since I was trying to get a lot of pictures done in very little time I didn't do any set ups because the classrooms are small, there isn't a lot of light available to work with, and of course, teachers want you in and out. 

Either way, here is a crop of the picture. I would just post it on the book and leave despite the level of noise and quality since the bigger does not look offensive and it is going to be a small print. However, It looks like the teacher is giving the middle finger when the reality is that the whole group was doing the "I'm watching you face". I really hope I can get help since I don't want to receive negative feedback from parents. 

Thanks in advance. 

Mrs. C - Fix.jpg

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I am screwed then. She has her chin up for the other I have... 

4 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

It's easy to talk glibly about "taking out the finger"

Well... a man can dream knowing he's taking to a photoshop guru.


Looks like I'm screwed then. She has her chin up and a straight back in the couple other pictures I got. Lesson learned...

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