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Exporting processed photos from LR to storage.

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Current workflow (summarized):

1) Import to LR - convert to DNG  2) Edit in LR/PS   3) Export to ShootProof to client galleries (JPEG)    4) Export all edited photos to HD and cloud storage as PSD.

When exporting from LR for storing the processed photos, I have the option for image format as jpeg, psd, tiff, dng, original. Which option should I be choosing?? Again, this photos are not for the clients to print, just for storing. 


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I just ran a comparison. The original file is 18.1MB. When exported to PS from LR and saved (back in LR now), that file saved as a PSD is 59.9MB. That same exact photo that was edited in PS but exported as original is a whopping 172.1MB!!

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