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Ok, interesting.  Can you tell me which web browser you use?

The reason I ask is, because our computer screens are landscape, portrait photos need to be resized more aggressively to fit on screen.  And some web browsers are better than others at on-the-fly image resizing, you see.  So I'm wondering if that's the reason you're seeing a problem on your screen, when I, as I browse your FB photos, can't see a problem on mine.

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I struggled with this portrait orientation cropping for an hour last night too. It has only happened to me in the last week or so. The photos load super small and extremely grainy on FB. What ultimately worked for me was going back to the original master file, redoing the crop, and then for saving I went to File>Export>Save For Web and resized to 2048 on the long side there and reduced the quality to get it under <1M. When I went to Image>Image Size to resize and Save For Web afterwards I was getting the terribly pixelated images. I don't understand why it worked differently but I did get different results. 

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