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Choose your favourite

Have you clicked on all the different workspace options? You can see that some are particularly suited for browsing folders, others are designed to give the biggest view of each photo, and others concentrate on giving you plenty of information about each file at a glance.

I expect you’ll see one that looks best suited for your needs. That can become your default setting. But of course the other layouts are always accessible at the click of your mouse, so don’t ever feel “locked in” to one particular workspace.

On my old editing computer, which had a 4:3 shaped screen, I liked Filmstrip:


On my current editing computer, which has a wide-format screen, the “Preview” layout gives me more efficient use of the screen space, especially when I drag the Content panel wider to give me more thumbnails:


Make sure you choose a setting with a nice big Preview panel, because you'll need it for examining photos, and often comparing two or more photos at once.

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