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I hope you find this useful

I’ll end this micro-class the same way I started it - by stressing the importance of a clutter-free computer. ESPECIALLY your 😄 drive. If you can devote half an hour every six months or so to this simple housekeeping procedure, you’ll maintain the speed of your computer, and maybe even extend its lifespan. That makes good sense.

Do the right thing

If you love how Scanner simplifies and speeds up your housekeeping, express your gratitude by buying Steffen a beer:


Great programs like this are the gems of the internet. How good is it to find a program which is small, useful, and ad-free? Be a good online citizen and send a Euro or two Steffen’s way.

Other housekeeping tips

I highly recommend Glary Utilities. Like Scanner it's free, and I’ve been using it for years. Run it once a month to keep your Windows free of the thousands of tiny files that accumulate with daily use.

Please remember the importance of backups. No data is ever safe in one place. Make sure you have a regular system of backups, so that in the inevitable event of disk failure, or the tragic event of fire or theft, you will still have safe copies of your important files.

If you are a photographer, you’re likely to fill up your computer faster than most. My Bridge Class teaches you how to manage the hundreds and thousands of megabytes that get used when you shoot and edit your photos. It’s essential housekeeping information.

Thanks for reading

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