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Flippin' facebook!

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This has probably been asked before but I just can't understand what on earth am I doing wrong.  I've done a couple of photo shoots recently, and when I put the pictures up in facebook, I get horrible, HORRIBLE BANDING. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Here is what I have tried so far (all these are jpeg):

- Exporting as 16bit
- Exporting as 8bit
- Exporting at 2048 pixels (long side in Ps and Lr)
- Exporting at full res
- Exporting at 100 dpi
- Exporting at 300 dpi
*** Exporting as PNG (which gets better results but still it's there). 


***I work in sRGB***


And yes, I do not see the banding when working in Ps or Lr. It only happens when the Images go to FB! More than likely, I'm definitely doing something wrong, a setting is wrong, or FB compression just sucks bad. 


Any help is appreciated. 

Full res file I want to post.jpg

100% zoom at problem area (background).png

Downloaded from FB.png

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1 minute ago, Damien Symonds said:

Then you have to live with it, sorry.

Just like the rest of us do.



Just out of curiosity, would dithering have something to do with this?

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I came across a reding earlier today. I haven't tried this at home... You know what... nvm... this is got to be FB. The pictures look fine on the PC, I just don't know what on earth is FB doing. Kind of disappointing. 

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