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Kaleb plaid smile

Mary Burgy

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What can I improve?  Is the WB off?  I realize I used the sheet but I think I used it without flash (b/c I took a few natural light pics too)

I ended up in the wrong section for posting again... SO sorry

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It looks like your lens that was used is front focusing a lot. His hands / arm closest to the camera is much more in focus than his eyes and face. If you'd like to discuss this further, post in the "DSLR Bistro" in the Ask Brian section. 

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I just noticed something!!

What version of the 24-70 are you using?

The older / original Canon 24-70? Or the newer Version II? Or is it a Tamron / Sigma?

The reason I ask is the original Canon 24-70 produces images like this, especially at 24mm and 70mm. I know several photographers in real life who can not trust the original Canon 24-70 on paid gigs. The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Version II USM Lens fixed a lot of quirks that the original had.

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