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Calibration Confusion

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I ordered some prints from a reputable printer.  They are considerably darker than my screen.  I have not calibrated yet.

The printer specifies to submit in RGB colour space.

I use sRGB as you had recommended previously.

I use a Mac.  When I go into my system preferences/display/colour there is a list of different colour space choices.  When I switch from sRGB the colour on my screen is much closer to my prints.

I'm totally confused so just trying to figure this out before I actually calibrate.  If I calibrate but remain in sRGB and my printer wants an RGB profile, my prints are never going to match my screen are they?  

And when I calibrate, I thought that the process was to match what I see on the screen to what I see on the print?  I've read your instructions for a couple of different calibration devices (I haven't purchased one yet) and I don't understand how the screen gets matched to the prints

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You use the calibration device to adjust the colors of your screen. It depends on what device you use and what type of monitor/computer you have as to how it will work. Once you have purchased a device, we can help you troubleshoot the process. :)

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