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PC and MAC Fonts


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Brian I tried putting this in the land of the misfit toys as it doesn't really fit anywhere.   

I have been making templates and after scores and scores of searches and help from other graphic designers I was given a list of the "shared common" fonts between a PC and a MAC (see below).   I've have testers on both OS systems state that there is a issue with most fonts.   Then I was kind of attacked stating that the list is untrue and I need to further investigate and have done so with exactly the same results.    Can you shed some light on this for me.   I hate being called out on something after over a year of investigating this.   Just a side note when I do use "free fonts in my templates" I always give the font name when sharing them.  

Capture 1.JPG

Capture 2.JPG

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I'm not a graphic designer, though I have friends that are.

This is one of the main reasons why places will be strictly "Mac Only" or "Windows Only." Usually in the Graphic-Arts world, Macintosh is still highly favored, which will aggravate Damien. ;)

When you go back and forth between the two worlds, it's not 100%. The way you combat this is to use Open Type Fonts (OTF) instead of True Type Fonts (TTF.) (Type 1 or Type 2). If you just use the standard "Arial" or whatever, they will look different; Arial on a Windows computer doesn't look 100% identical on a Mac. Or vice-versa. 

Now my knowledge is pretty limited in this regard, so Google (and purchase) OTF Fonts to work with and I think you will have much better results cross-platform.


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One more thing, you will need to find a source that will allow  you to license the fonts so you can bundle them with your templates or whatever. More than likely, you can't "give" them away or "sell" them without some sort of permission. Unless they are Public Domain.

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Okay... I own all my fonts and understand the licensing.   IF I use a purchased font (Damien helped me with this) I merge them in into the background so that they are  not able to be stolen, used or edited and I adhere to the licensing as a photographer I understand and adhere to copyrights tightly (I would want to be treated that way).   Most my fonts are open type fonts.   But the reason I was asking is that I leave for example a Christmas card template an area that they can place their family name in.    I have been using the fonts listed above and still have had some state that it's asking that they replace the font.  In my layers of the card I have a layer called " place family name here" I place the font name and use a free or common font that they can download.   For me to go through every template and share the links with them would just not be time and hourly productive so I list in the layer and to be honest some of my fonts are pretty pricey.  

@Damien they are photographers templates for Christmas and holidays.   My licensing on most my fonts are pretty simple I can sell or distribute them locked down in an item (NOT SHARING or giving away the font using only) anywhere from 500 to no restrictions IF I were to do mass production I have to up my purchasing license on those that will require it.   I DO NOT share the fonts.   You taught me how to lock down my elements and my fonts (THANK YOU).  I am really quite paranoid and protective of what I am doing and leaving editable.  

I was just in a battle with a MAC user stating that I was wrong that those lists were not right and they have more fonts in common with a PC .   Like I stated I researched this time and again and I hate being called out on something when in fact I DID do my homework.    I knew that someone here either you or Damien would be able to give me advice and set me in the right direction.   NO I will not go back and say haha you were wrong but I need to know it in my head.   

Thank you very much gentlemen for your time and enlightenment on this!!!

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