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combining filters for retrospective in Bridge.

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Hi Damien, 

I'm using bridge for more than year for now, but this is one thing i miss from lightroom, (A Lot) . Can you please help me with "How to do it in Bridge ?"

I often to retrospective, before i delete pictures, i look at them on summary basis. Lightroom helps me achieve this, However I can't do this in bridge effectively. 

Here is screenshot from Lightroom. 



I can check my keeper images across, various levels like .. how many keepers for a lens .. for a Setting more than ISO 4000 or f stop. This kind of helps me identifying areas i need to work on while taking pictures. 

Somehow .. when i try to do that in bridge, count doesn't update. 




In case of 7 files, it doesn't matter much, i can calculate and manually keep track. But for my 50 mm there are total 168 images, Lightroom gives me report in few clicks.

24 one star - Blurred, off focus, beyond argument, delete now. 

44 two stars - argument can be made but delete.. 

81 three star - group that will go into 4 or 5 stars. 

19 four star - candidates for five stars. clearly above rest of the set. 

I simply can't get this out of bridge, is there simple thing i'm missing ? 



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