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Magic and fireflies

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Hey Damien,

Can you help me create my own glowing fire flies and also my own magic overlays so i don't need to buy them. I'm guessing they are both similar to create. I want them to create that glowing look and add a bit of magic to a image

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What I've done in the past is basically (For Fireflies):

Pick Gradient tool

Pick the one that goes from White to transparent

Make it a Radial Gradient

Edit the Gradient to the colors you want White to Yellow to Transparent, or add a red/orange at the end and then create small spots with it.  

Go to Blending option and play with the Size/Spread/Opacity


For the magic sparkles You can pick a brush that looks like small splatters.  Pick a while or yellow color and then adjust outer glow in Blending options.


Hope that helps.

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