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Windows 10 from Win 8.1

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Hi Brian, I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop with a program that gives me the Win 7 desktop - I can cope with it but I dislike Win8.

Other local photographers are encouraging me to upgrade to Win 10 - what do you advise? Have you heard of any issues with Photoshop and LR CC on it or problems with other software? ?

My main pc is going to be cleaned out and win 7 pro reinstalled, its buggy. 

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I'd remove that Win 7 emulator 1st, and make sure you backup your important data on another HD. 

The majority of issues with Windows 10 Upgrades have to do with video drivers. So I'd look to see if there are any new drivers for your video card, download them and have them ready to install if needed. (Put the driver on the EHD with your backed up files.) 

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