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Simple storyboard tutorial – part 2: multiple photos

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I've finally got around to attempting a multi shape collage for my project.  I'm looking at the tutorial you directed me to and struggling to get the shapes onto the same layer.  I've had limited experience with clipping masks and would have approached this by creating a new layer for each shape with an individual photo clipped to each shape layer.  I'd like to adopt your method but can't get the shapes to appear on the same level - my options bar is different to yours.  I've played with various settings and can 'merge the layers' but that's just long winded.  I've included a screenshot of my work space - help appreciated!


Also, not related but whilst you're here - which classes do I need to be in to qualify as a premium member?  I like the convenience of being able to post in one forum so need to renew courses accordingly. 

Thank you


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Thanks - I'd tried the options in the drop down menu you pointed out, couldn't seem to get any of them to work.  I've also tried googling 'Add to Shape Area' but can only find tutorials for older versions of PS.  I have a monthly subscription for the Adobe package so am working with the latest version of PS (CC 2018).

Is it really bad to create the shapes and then merge the layers?  Here's a screenshot of the drop menu for the icon you point out above - just in case something jumps out at you. 


Collage test 2.jpg

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I'd tried that one. Decided to start again in a new document..... It works!  Just can't effect any changes to the shape layer after you've created the shape.  So I changed option to 'combine' before creating the shapes and it worked, Happy dance :)

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