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Spyder 4 Pro Calibration Reminder not coming up

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Hey there... Working with Dell U2412M Monitor with Dell 8700XPS since 2014 when I bought based on Brian's recommendations and have been very happy with it. Bought a Spyder 4Pro to calibrate and for the most part didn't have any problems running the calibrator (thanks to Damien's easy instructions) However, about a month and a half ago, I started having  trouble with my Spyder4Pro not giving me a calibration reminder at the two week mark. However, when I would run the Spyder4Pro, I would get the "You have exceeded the time.. blah blah blah, so please calibrate your monitor." Damien - you recommended I contact Datacolor, so I did. Datacolor responded with this email:

"Datacolor Support Staff
Posted on: 15 December 2015 08:35 AM
Dear Jennifer,
thank you very much for your message and your faith in Datacolor products.

Please un-install your Spyder software and reboot your computer.
Download and install with full admin rights and deactivated antivirus program the current version.
Please note:
Sometimes you need to do a right mouse click -> run as admin instead of a double click to start an application with admin rights granted.

Run the software also with full admin rights
Keep the Spyder unplugged during un-install and re-install.
Plug in the Spyder when prompted to do so.
Please always plug the Spyder into an USB port in the back of your computer (close to the keyboard/mouse). Please do not use USB-Hubs and/or USB-extension cords
as this could result into problems with the power supply.
Please prefer to plug in the Spyder in a USB 2.0 port (black inside), please try not use a USB 3.0 port (blue inside).

- close all programs
- unplug the Spyder
- download and run this tool: http://download.datacolor.eu/software/Spyder4Tool.zip

Please disconnect the computer from the Internet, plug in the Spyder and launch the Spyder software.
Activate with your License Code: 2A23-2757-673A-E909
Connect the computer with the Internet again and run a FUL CALibration.
Save the new profile with a DIFFERENT name."
So I did all that, with the exception of downloading, installing and running the software with full admin rights (the stuff I bolded), bc it wouldn't let me. I tried right mouse clicking, but it still didn't give me that option. That may be the whole crux of the matter - I just don't know.
Anyway, for the first week after re-installing, for three times of recalibrating, I set up the reminder to be one day, so I could see if the reminder would come up - which it did every time. Then i set it up for one week, and the reminder came up again. Last time I did a ReCal (1/12/2016), I set it up for two weeks, and it still not only hasn't given me a reminder, it also does not show that it is overdue for the recalibration.
I hate to spend money needlessly, but should I just give up at this point and buy the Spyder5Pro? Or buy a colormunki? Not sure what the lifespan of calibrators is, and mine is about two years old. Ignore the quote boxes below - accidentally added them and don't know how to get rid of them:(
Thanks - Jennifer



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33 minutes ago, Jennifer said:

I hate to spend money needlessly, but should I just give up at this point and buy the Spyder5Pro? Or buy a colormunki? Not sure what the lifespan of calibrators is, and mine is about two years old.

Hi Jennifer,

There's nothing wrong with the actual calibration, though, right?  It's just this reminder thing?

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Hey D- Nothing wrong with calibration at this point that I see. I am starting to use a different lab bc I was not nuts about Millers, so I sent for off test prints and they seem to match pretty well. I'm just concerned that if this part is not working that there may be other problems.

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