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From now until Sunday or Monday I'll be busy with our school's fete.  I'll still be online, but not as frequently as usual.  Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Damien!  

I searched for the answer here, https://www.damiensymonds.net/tag/save-for-web but couldn't figure it out...

I am wondering when I save for web (after adding watermark for my clients, blogs, and social media), whether I would check 1) Progressive or  2) Optimized.

Could you please let me know?  Thanks!


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No, don't check either of those.  They're quite "old-fashioned" settings, from the days of dial-up internet, you know?

Of course keep "Embed Color Profile" checked at all times.

I'd recommend higher than 60 for quality.

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Many thanks Damien! I am glad I asked you this!!


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