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Im back!  well sort of.  Im studying health science.  42 still trying to work out what I want to do with my life.


Ive noticed some stretched images - more noticeably when i see a big forehead.  It seems to happen on various camera and various lens and wondering what the best way to fix this and (maybe a Brian question) why this happens and best way to avoid it?






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Stop using 24mm for these shots! :)

What you are seeing is the distortion that a wide-angle lens does along the sides. If you are standing too close, you will get these results. For me, when I shoot my landscapes at 24mm, I will often move an inch or so in each direction and take a shot or two, which changes the overall “look” of the photo due to distortion  

For portraits, you want to take advantage of compression, and that’s why most portraits are taken between 85mm-200mm, with 85mm to 135mm being the most common focal length. 

My advice with out having to purchase a 70-200? Stand further back and zoom in. You want to use the 70mm end of your lens a bit more. 

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Thanks Brian, So also with the 55mm which was the other lens being used? 

So in general don't stand too close to your subject regardless of lens? 

I saw the transform tool in raw, would this be the best way to fix this? 

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55mm should be okay but is also prone to issues, like big noses, if you get too close. Though it’s not as bad as 35mm or wider.  If you shot in Raw, ACR / LR might have some built in lens correction for your lenses that might help. 

Unfortunately, there is no one method to fix your photos; that said, I’d start with the free transform tool. 

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As far as standing, when it comes to people, compression is always favored. Until it isn’t. LOL! It depends.

Honestly, the short answer is yes. For your situation, stand further away and zoom in. In addition, it could be just your lens’s optical formulas and that’s just the way it is. Personally I have never had those results with any of my Nikon lenses (big forehead) at similar focal lengths, even with consumer-grade kit lenses. Hell, even my iPhone 6s which is a 28mm equivalent at the widest angle isn’t THAT bad.

How to fix? Either buy a higher-end lens for your camera or switch brands. The cheap/free way is to stand further back and zoom in.  

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