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Bra Strap

Kim Fearn

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Hi Damien, 

I have a few images where there's a bra strap showing and the bra shows through the tulle quite a bit. I didn't think it would be so hard to edit but all my attempts are not good enough. Would you be able to advise me about how to tackle it? I've attached the part of the image that's the problem, image hasn't had any editing.  Classes I've purchased have been RAW, bridge & layers & masks. I can't attach the raw but I've put two crops of the area and would be really grateful for any advice

thank you


bra strap Damien.jpg

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Phew!  Glad you like it.

Let me try to explain my steps ...

The Patch Tool is the best way to get rid of the bulk of the strap, but as I've said before, it works best on "islands" - that is, smaller chunks of strap with "ocean" (skin) all around them.

So the first step is to duplicate the Background layer and use the clone tool to carefully chop the strap into sections:


Then use the Patch Tool to get rid of the sections.  Drag around one and drag it to a nearby clean section of skin:


Hopefully, this will fill the patch with seamless skin:


Keep on repeating this ...


... until it's all clear:


Then add a blank layer, and clone out the area where the strap runs under the fabric.  Clone further than necessary:


Then add a mask to that layer and mask it carefully:


(More info here.)

Finally, add a blank layer and use the eyedropper tool to sample some lighter-coloured fabric, then add a Solid Color layer of that colour.  Put the layer on "Lighten" blend mode:


Add a black mask to that layer, then very patiently paint on to the dark areas of the tulle with a low opacity brush (5-10%) until it is sufficiently disguised.


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Damien, Is there some way of marking or saving threads like this that I am likely to want to read again? ( Or am I missing something obvious.)

Really impressive edit BTW ?, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything else

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Well, now that you've commented on this thread you're automatically "following" it, so when you hit the "Content I follow" link (both at the top right and bottom right of every page on this site) you'll get that list.  That's not a perfect system but it's the only one I can think of, other than bookmarking this page in your browser.

But you don't need to comment on a thread in order to follow it.  You can just hit the blue "Follow" button in the top left corner.

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