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MacOS Catalina 10.15 - PS CS6 not compatible


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I have PS CS6 and when I updated my computer to macOS Catalina 10.15, it no longer opens.  I contacted Adobe and was told "i would like to inform you as CS 6 is older product it will not work on Mac versions above 10.14 so that's why you are facing challenge in using the product on latest Mac version as the latest version is only supporting the latest products so if you want to continue use the CS 6 then you can downgrade your Mac version to 10.14"


I am wondering if I should

1) downgrade to  macOS Mojave?  and continue to use PS CS6


2) keep MacOS Catalina 10.15 and switch to Adobe Creative and pay the monthly fee


Do you have any suggestions?



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You are screwed. Here are your choices:

1. Restore from a Time Machine Backup that has Mojave or some other earlier OS installed. Hopefully you do have a Time Machine Backup that Catalina hasn’t touched. 

2. If your computer had Mojave pre-installed, then there might be a way to boot in diagnostic mode and restore the HD. Please note, this method will Nuke your HD and take it back to day 1 when you powered on your computer for the first time. So basically you will lose everything and have to reinstall what you have lost. 

3. Bite-the-Bullet and upgrade to the latest-and-greatest version of PS CC. Even slightly older versions of PS CC 2015 & PS CC 2017 aren’t compatible with Catalina.  

PS CC is here to stay. PS is the #1 pirated software in the world and Adobe is trying to recover losses. 64-bit only Operating Systems will be the new normal; I’m sure MS Windows will be 64-bit only in the next couple of years.  

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You would have to contact Apple. Though a 2017 laptop would have come with Mojave. I’m about 95% sure. 

Before doing anything, I’d back up things. Not only data files but any license keys and special emails containing that stuff. Also your iTunes library, logins / passwords to various websites. Especially for things like plug-ins and other misc. software. I can’t tell you how much a pain it is when you forget something. 

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Now there is on BIG IF. 

IF Catalina over-wrote the Diagnostic section that Mojave lived in, you are screwed and more than likely a trip to the Genius Bar is in your future. Meaning you will need to have a USB Thumbdrive containing Mojave that you would boot from and wipe your HD & reinstall. It is possible to create a Mojave Drive, though I need to investigate this to see if the methods I’ve seen on a few Tech Blogs still work before I can recommend anything. 

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