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Glary - wipe free space

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I use Glary regularly and used the 'wipe free space' option the other day.  There were no warnings or anything when I used this.  However, when I went to use the same option in Ccleaner  (drive wiper from 'tools' option) it warned me that wiping free space from an SSD is not advisable as it can make the drive wear out prematurely.  I've only done this once using Glary, so I'm hoping that it's not an issue but what is the truth behind this please?  I know not to defrag a SSD

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Yeah, you really don’t want to do that with a SSD Drive. Especially Defrag. Never-Ever-Ever run a defrag on a SSD Drive. In fact, Windows 10 won’t let you do it if it properly detects a SSD Drive. 

Doing it once won’t hurt things, but doing it over-and-over will be bad for the drive. Just let it delete your files to keep things tidy. It’s the secure-erase stuff is what really wears out the flash media cells. 

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Oh, the truth to this reasoning is that flash media doesn’t have an infinite amount of read/writes to the sectors that your data resides in. They wear out over time. Eventually things can corrupt while being written or areas will turn into read-only permanently without warning. 

That said, SSD Drives have come a long way but it’s still something to avoid using. 

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