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Question about aperture for pro kind of shoot

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I'm going through my pictures and trying to figure out .. why i'm missing the wow factor .. I've long way to go in posing .. also i'm hesitant to add drama in editing .. apart from obvious, i was trying to find .. if there is anything i'm doing wrong while taking pictures. 

While looking at pictures below.. i think aperture i chose was not right. I went f/6.3. that resulted in background not being enough blurred (or lets say bokeh)  

Shah maternity shoot 1

shah maternity shoot - 2

shah maternity shoot - 3

For a while (when i was in auto mode) i was missing focus. Probably there i made choice to go f/6.3 or more to safer side .. i think that is one of reason pictures have more background and no bokeh. Could use input on this one .. 

Don't know if i should improve I'm camera stuff as well .. or just missing additional post processing steps to add wow factor to pictures. could use inputs to take next step. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Sure thing. and i should have done this research before the shoot (Late wisdom .. how brilliant of me..) but i was jumped on .. and had to start shoot in like few hours notice. But in general .. i never feel my pictures are polished enough .. or finished enough .. may be that is just perception but .. i'd like to shoot anything like below. 

These are individual ones. 

https://www.instagram.com/p/BlryPbqgeTf/ (Really liked this one. )  


https://www.pinterest.com/pin/254101603957323899/ (Completely PS i think but i guess one can sell this for money.) 

http://www.lennonphotographyonline.com/maternity/5ldfs6vcr4n812h1drhrv70a8mz567 (This one has weird added grain .. which i'll never do but colors are cool) 

https://www.sarahormiston.com/maternity (Any of of these). 

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