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Is This Possible?

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Hi D!
Just spent the past couple of days checking out the new digs, and I'm liking it so far!

My question is:
I would like to make a gift photo locket for my dear friend whose father has passed away, and have it be a surprise for her wedding.  The only photos I have access to, without spoiling my surprise, are her FaceBook uploads.  I know those files are tiny, and not very good quality.  Will I be able to make my gift locket from downloading a FB photo?  Or am I wasting my time with this route?
I hope I'm asking this in the right topic, since I'm guessing this is an output question.  Some samples of the photos I've found are attached.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.  :)



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You think so?  Because that would be awesome!  The locket I plan to give is one that will be attached to her bridal bouquet.  The locket/charms I've found are usually either 3cm square, or a similar size round. 
Any advice on which one to use, or how to spiff it up for my project?  The finished item will look something like this.



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Awesome!  Thank you good Sir!

I'll post back in this thread if I run in to a snag.  Which I can almost assure you will happen.  Ha!

Loving the Forum!  So streamlined and easy to use!  :)

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