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High Saturation after callibration

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Hi Damien

I have noticed after my last calibration that my Magentas are highly saturated on screen then in my prints.  Everything else is perfect, it is just that I am seeing more Magentas on screen then what is being printed. 

I use the Color Munki Display and have calibrated a few times now using different options.  I started with Naitive, setting  display luminance at 100 before trying the other options at D55 & 65.  The results I am seeing is a warmer or cooler screen but the result is the same with saturation.  Is that normal, I haven't noticed it before.

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Yes It is more in the 2nd and 3rd you  really see it. 

The second photo when printed, the pink tog strap is very suttle.

In the third photo, the print shows very minimal magenta in the sky, as well as the sand and skin. 

The other 2, I can see more magenta in the skin tones of the girl and also in the flare, but it is not a concern and the print looks good.  I posted all photos that i was viewing to give you an idea what i have been comparing. 



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Ok, thanks.  Yeah, that's what I found when I tried proofing your photo with my lab's profile as well.

Ok, so that means that there IS a problem with your calibration.

Is anything new in your equation?   I mean, how long have you had the calibrator, and how long have you had your computer, and how long have you been calibrating the latter with the former?

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4 minutes ago, mrsjangles said:

brighter in the print

Sorry, I meant the colour.

Just now, mrsjangles said:

Bugger, I just selected another calibration that I saved yesterday, and now it will not let me go back to the old one, is there a trick?.  Maybe I recalibrate and see the results today.

Yeah, go ahead and recalibrate.

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