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Your screen will flash a few more times.  Then usually it will stop and ask you to set the screen's brightness to its maximum level.


(Sometimes it skips this step.  I don't know why.  Whatever.)

Do as you're told and crank up the brightness then hit "Continue".  It'll think for a few more seconds then stop here:


I trust this will be self-explanatory. After reading the message window and pressing OK to close it, you look at the brightness bar, then use your monitor's buttons to adjust the brightness down.  Each time you make an adjustment, hit the "Update" button to see if you're there yet.  Keep doing this until you reach the target.

Don't be worried if you can't hit exactly 80.  Just get as close as possible, and err on the low side if necessary.


Once your brightness is good, press “Continue“.

Profiling >>

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