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Monitors, dual HP laptop Dell p2419H


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so I'm trying to use my work from home monitor (color is way off even after calibrating twice with the ColorMunki Display. It's connected to my HP laptop which matches my prints. This is a temporary monitor until I can buy one that will work for editing properly. Just want to know if the two screens should be closer, the Dell is much more red while the HP is more on the blue side.

Question: is it possible to use this larger monitor to edit photos? It's connected with an HDMI plug

Question: Which monitors would be best and I'd love to go 32" if possible without breaking the bank. My budget will be under $600


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32" inches is quite large, don't compare it to a Flat-screen TV size. You aren't going to be sitting 6-8 away like you would with a TV. In fact, most folks can get away with a 27" model just fine. Heck a Dual 24" setup is also one to consider, but not with a laptop...unless it has a high-powered video card. Also, 32" sounds great, until you fork out $1300 to get one.

What I would do is purchase a  Dell 27" IPS Monitor for editing, such as this one and a SpyderX Elite, which has the best chance of calibrating two displays, especially when it comes to laptops. You could *Try* and keep using your ColorMunki, but I think you will have much better results with a SpyderX Elite. (I also own a ColorMunki and will get a SpyderX Pro for myself next.) In addition, there might be some sort of mode you can change within the External Monitor's Settings, it might be something called "Picture Mode" or something along those lines. I'd try something like "Movie," which really warms up the picture, or just anything different really and then re-calibrate.

Oh, you definitely want to keep using the HDMI cable for your external for the best results.

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Thanks for this help. I'm just trying to wear the hubby down, we are both essential workers (I'm working from home though) and so the money is still coming in at this time. He just doesn't see the NEED to have a new monitor when he doesn't have a new iPad. He doesn't earn money with his iPad, fwiw. But I digress. I appreciate your help.

I'm going to be just using the pos asus and that pos monitor that they gave me to work from home. It is certainly less than ideal. I tried to connect my HP laptop to the display monitor and I keep getting an error message that the windows driver didn't start properly. So if you know anything about that I'd love to learn more.

My laptop has a 15" screen they gave us 13" screens and when you're used to running multiple programs and now running Citrix and the multiple tools inside that on one little screen it's frustrating. I wanted the more space but am going to just sit tight because I don't want anything to harm my laptop at this time.

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HP Laptop Drivers are such a Pain in the Ass to deal with. The more I mess with them for my clients, especially the newer ones, the less I like them. You MUST PURCHASE A IPS BASED DISPLAY if you are editing photos. I don't care how big or small it is, IPS is the key. What IPS does is ensure that the colors, contrast, brightness is consistent from edge to edge...which is kinda important if you are editing photos.

I'd still mess around with that external display's settings and re-calibrate. You can always set things back.

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