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which one is better focus? KH_3046 or KH_3050


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Hi D - I was having some problems with camera movement on some of this series, so trying to make sure both or at least one of these is sharp enough to show the client: 3046 which is the close-up or 3050 which is farther away



KH__3046 SOOR AD.jpg

KH__3046 SOOR AD sliders.jpg

KH__3046 SOOR AD NR1.jpg

KH__3046 SOOR AD NR2.jpg

KH__3050 SOOR AD.jpg

KH__3050 SOOR AD sliders.jpg

KH__3050 SOOR AD NR1.jpg

KH__3050 SOOR AD NR2.jpg

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