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Distressing a photo

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My client wants this photo to look faded and distressed. I decreased the saturation to fade it. (Was that the best way to do it?) She would like scratches and scuffs along the edges. I'm sure I could probably buy an overlay for that  somewhere, but do you know of a way I could achieve the look in PS?

I have a picture of a painting with the kind of distressing she wants, but I can't find it online to link to it. Am I allowed to post the example photo here? I could even just post a close up of the corner if that would be better.


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There are white scratches and scuffs. To me it looks like a canvas that has been roughed up with sandpaper or something. The photo I took these from is a cell phone photo of the painting, so the quality is awful. Can you see the scratches in the first photo? The one with the feet?

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