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email link for facebook?


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Brian, first off I hope you are all safe and healthy!   

I have searched and searched and I can not find an answer or at least not one that has worked.  

I have a couple rural small businesses I am helping out with ads and what not on facebook.   I do all the work in PS and save them all a PDF and or Jepg depending on their needs (this is free to them FYI and our small town).   

This is the kicker:   I can not for the life of me get a "email address" clickable in a post.   One business wants to place their add with a clickable image or words to take people to email with their business email address in it to place orders etc.   I hope I am making sense.   I just can not get the "link" icon to show in order to even begin to link it to the post.   I am sure that this is my user error because it shouldn't be this hard to figure out.  

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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I think this is right then?   THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!    I have saved the link and will keep in on hand.   I owe you a beer for sure.   
I knew there had to be a easier way of doing this.   I have a private little group that I work in for things like this, that only I can see, this is what it yielded.  


Tinylink Sample.JPG

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Also, what e-mail program are you using? Normally you add a e-mail address / biz logo / whatever in what's called a "Signature Field."

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You just pull stuff out of your butt don't you?   LOL   Really, I overthink way too much! 

It worked fine... I am brainless at this point.    This lockdown has me all jacked up! 

Tinylink Sample 3.JPG

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I am doing these menus for some mom and pop restaurants  here in our little town for free through this mess.   I truly appreciate every little second of your time!   You have helped a small town at the same time!  

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