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Colour Casting and Blanket Removal


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Hi there!

I have this photo here - I am trying to get rid of the colour casting and I am also hoping to get rid of the blanket/red tub - to maybe a white background?  Or even just make the blanket look less ugly.  Is this possible?


Hope you are staying healthy!

z litter SOOR.jpg

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Guess I should get on that! ??

Honestly I think it looks terrible - it wasn't mine but was the only blanket my friend had at her house that would work.  - although I guess if I could reduce the texture that would work too.  The picture is for a fundraiser (calendar) and will be square cropped to the two heads and the little arms so I'm really just looking to make the puppies stand out more from the blanket!

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Okay this is my current attempt.  I added a bit of a lens blur on a circle gradient (as there was still too much texture for me) and then the solid grey on top - I think I will have to wait to get rid of the colour casting before I can decide whether I like it or not!  Thank you!!

BB1_3881 copy.jpg

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