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Z6 having too much noise than 750 ?



@Brian @Damien Symonds

Not sure what i'm seeing wrong here but could use help. I'm D750 guy, using it for more than few years. Hoping mirrorless would be next step, i wanted to check how much benefit i'd get over my D750, i got Z6-24-70 F4 setup (promotional $50 rental for weekend).

While editing these images, i'm actually very surprised at what i noticed. Below are examples, i've to admit, this is not exactly apples to apples comparison, but that's relatively close setup i got.

Objective: Get noise free image out of Raw processing

Common: Same family, single light.

Set up 1: D750, 70-200 E, ISO 100, F 6.3 but @135mm


Set up 2: Z6, 24-70 f4 @55mm, ISO 100 1/160th.


As you can see, way better texture at D750.

straight up few things. 70-200 is going to give me way closer shot and thats $2700 lens and i'm not going to get that kind of texture out of $990 lens. I won't expect.

My issue is with unusually high amount of noise though. Even if i forget texture, i'm simply not able to get noise free image. even after boosting noise reduction value at 86. For ISO 100, that is unbelievably high ?

Am i missing something or there is backwards step here ?

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I'm at a loss here. I haven't had my hands on a Z6 except to hold one and take a few quick test shots, just to see what this whole "Mirrorless" thing is about. You might want to join a Nikon Z5/Z6/Z7 group and ask them.

Truth be told, I've never been a fan of Nikon's Built-in Noise Reduction, with any of my Nikon DSLRs, and it's usually turned off. Also, I do not think that Adobe ACR and LR read the Noise Reduction parameters anyway, that you set in camera. You could set it to 100 or 86 or 40 or whatever, ACR ignores the built in NR. Only Nikon's editing software takes the NR into consideration. The image that you see on the display is the built-in JPEG Preview that's embedded within the Raw File and not the Raw File itself.

I'm going to move this thread to "The Land of Misfits" and maybe someone will chime in. But that section is always dead, so ideally you will want to ask your question in a Z6/Z7 Group. FB should have a bunch of them.

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