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Hi Damien, How can I extend the background here please? I've tried replacing it with several gradient layers but its not looking great! Am on the right track? Ignore the bad masking, this was super quick trying to figure it all ouT. Thanks



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Thanks so much, I will have a look once my kid is asleep again ? I was looking at that article but couldn't understand how to "make" the floor bit shadow. Uhm I'm not good with explaining myself haha

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oh gosh it looks really awful on my phone and banding badly! looks much nicer on my screen and no banding. Normally its the other way around, phone makes it brighter and prettier lol

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32 minutes ago, Dasha said:

Actually wait, it's not banding on my phone but banded when I sent through fb messenger on my phone. Is that messenger compression messing it up? 

Of course.  Facebook compresses everything.

1 hour ago, Dasha said:

Is this ok?


It's great, well done!

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